Knitting Peace

Just as I was thinking and deciding about ways to deepen my understanding of my own passion for knitting this book arrived. Heinz researched the history of knitted fabric and found many associations with sheep, lambs, garments of importance, and much more that I can hardly get my brain around.
The SACRED history of knitting. Yay! My own history of knitting plays into my interest as does my granny’s knitting life. My mother-in-law learned to knit at the age of eight. She is also a knitting mother to me. I just KNEW there must be more significance relegated to knitting though the ages. Yes, knitting is good work.

I dabble in different projects every day. It’s satisfying to pull the Lopi out of the center of the wheel of wool.

This is called The Hitchhiker Shawl. I am not a member of Ravelry anymore, but I bought this pattern (it’s incredibly popular, I guess!) before I deleted my account. The wool and silk blend yarn is smooth and neat.

And then (below) we have more wool from Brown Sheep. I shall search my knitting library for just the right pattern, mostly navy with added yellow.

This is the February Lady Sweater and it’s a challenge for me because of the lace. It’s gull lace with just a four row repeat but it takes me quite a while to make my way around. It hurts my shoulder. Drat. I’ll keep going.

I love this vest. It was a free pattern. The Cascade Eco wool comes in one big ball, large enough to make the whole vest.

I’m also making a dress. I bought this fabric years ago and intended to make a curtain at Christmas (for the patio door). I’m sure when the children were home and we were shopping and cleaning for the big day, a curtain moved down the queue. Now it’s a dress made from a pattern that a young woman designed when we were at Malibu Club (that again!). I made a dress right away (this was thirty five years ago – gasp!) and then tucked it away in my sewing containers. I made it bigger this time and it’s very feminine and light. I’ll take a photo of myself wearing it when I finish.

Later today I’ll take up my knitting again. I am thankful that I don’t have to produce essential pieces of clothing, but instead I can enjoy the steady clicking at my desired pace. This morning I listened to the book of James while I knit. This afternoon I might listen to The Secret Garden.

I hope my long double pointed needles come in the mail today so I can start my gansey. I like making a big creative nest of books and wool in my hobbit spot in the family room. Bliss.

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