A bumblebee was having quite a snoop in the wild thistles on my walking path. I’m comforted that I find so many bees around.

Here is a green canopy for all who pass by.

And a place to make a fort.

Living on the edge of a big city I’m ever grateful for the open spaces. I yearn for views, but I shouldn’t be greedy. Every time I drive anywhere I can see the Rockies.

The rabbits (or SOMETHING) are eating my seedlings so next year I’m making the whole of our flowerbeds into sunflower riots.

The Sweet Williams are almost finished and I am so in awe of their beauty. They came from a big bag of wildflowers from last summer. Wow. What a nice surprise. This might be the last gnome summer. I had fun repainting them last year.

I’m seeing both our girls this morning. Jenny and I are meeting for breakfast and I will take Kelli and her girls lunch at theater camp (Jenny’s girls will be there, too! Bonus!). Then on to the Apple store to sort out my phone battery. I do love the Apple store.

Knitting. More pink knitting on my Skeindeer sweater (I cannot remember the name of the pattern! Sorry!) on lovely Jamison and Smith wool. It’s mindless because I’ve finished the hard part (the yoke) and now it’s all round and round and round.

I hear the neighbor children playing outside. I shall go play now.

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  1. If you plant only sunflowers, that could be a riot indeed. Think of all the different colors and varieties! Your bumblebee is very nice; what a good picture of his colors, complemented by the thistle flower. I was recently complaining to someone that all of mine are black black black. Very hard to get a nice picture of all that – but I’m still glad they are here.

    I really feel that I have had the loveliest visit with you, reading all of these posts at once, and being able to comment SO easily because of it being from one WP account to another. 🙂 I don’t have any plans currently to be in your fair state soon. It wasn’t going to happen until October at the earliest, and Soldier commented that the fall might not be the best time, since that’s when I was there the first visit, and it would be good to be there in another season.

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