Hello Teddy Bear

Teddy is sewn together and stuffed. His arms are funny (stuck on him in a funny way) but oh well. His overalls are coming along, taking a lot longer than I thought they would. His face is precious. I like him already.

When I went to buy more wool for the loopy sheep I’m making, I had to buy this cake. Green and gray are a good combo.

It’s hot outside but cool in the air conditioned house, so I shall knit on.

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  1. A cake of yarn? How delightful! And I agree, those colors are yummy together…. let’s see, what might they remind me of… licorice candy… granite rocks laced with black, in a forest of conifers… some kind of creamy lime pie… Look! Not all my associations are with food!

    A teddy bear is the most pom-pomish, homey and lovable way to start off your new WP blogging fun. I hope this new account means that we can go on being blogging friends as well as real-life friends for a long time. And he does look very pleased to have been given existence by you. XO

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