Sheep Knitting

In an old book, The Country Diary Book of Knitting, I found a pattern for a toy sheep. I had to learn the loop stitch first. It hurts my old hand a bit to work the loop row, but it’s impressive looking. I love Brown Sheep Company because I’ve never met a yarn from their line that I don’t love!

I finished the Mossinette socks using Hueloco wool. Millie Rose wanted them and she’ll wear them to bed after her mama applies essential oils to her feet. Clara has some, too. Hers were knit from some Madeline Tosh sock wool. I’m glad they love the idea of cozy handmade socks.

I knit while Kelli and the girls relaxed after lunch. I might make this sweater’s sleeve 3/4 length. Perfect for working around the house, washing dishes, floors, and cooking, I think.

The bag of mulch and wild flower seeds I scattered last summer is making such a gorgeous show!

I ordered an old Shetland Wool Week magazine (2017 with an article by Ella Gordon in it that I wanted to read). I received this year’s program and I can’t wait to browse through it and wish I could go. Someday we’ll go to Shetland.

I found a new gansey pattern in a Pam Allen book. It’s up to date and more in line with what is practical for now. The wool I have is too slippery and the needles from China are in packs of four. Drat. Oh well. I want to finish my Fair Isle from Skeindeer Knits first AND my February Lady Sweater. And a bunch of other works in progress.

I’m studying the book of James. I’m reading The Salt Path and The Honey Bus. I also must continue with the Paul Tournier study I’m doing with Sondra. So much reading to do, but luxurious and delightful it is!

I set up my swift and winder and wound some lace wool, a skein of flecked sock wool, and two navy merino and nylon balls. That was very fun. I love the swift. It’s practically poetic.

Tonight we shall grill bison burgers but I might have salmon instead. I made scrumptious picnic beans with ground turkey. I’ll buy the deviled egg potato salad when I go to the grocery store today. I really love food. The key for me is waiting until I am hungry to partake. I’m done with this little knitting post. I am going downstairs to my ironing board because I love clothes and ironing makes me thankful that I have plenty of pleasing garments. Thank you, God. Thank you for caring for me.