A Mitt Made

One lovely mitt finished. I changed it up and went for a bulky pattern to use with my favorite wool – Lamb’s Pride.

I have been too busy sewing costumes (just three – two jackets, two skirts, a pair of pants and a vest) and doing my Community Bible Study lesson and planning for the CBS fourth graders. Oh, and having house guests. Now things should free up. It’s snowing today so that means I can make the other mitt.

I’m still aiming to shed my knitting conformity and simply live in my own wool wonder, finishing things when I feel the wave of inspiration and starting new things whenever I want to. I ask nothing of knitting but to calm my mind. It does that.

I’ll bring the garden props inside soon. I do love looking at the toadstools.

I had the hardest time getting motivated to sew. Why? One of the costumes I made will be worn in two different shows by two different granddaughters! What a chance to contribute to their adorable-ness! I simply must try to overcome my “I don’t want to do that right now” tendency. I prayed for verve and motivation and God delivered. I did get my assignment finished and there are many costumers helping now. We’re thankful. I think it’s because I am older now and I don’t stay up late EVER.

Our house is cozy, the books are plentiful, the tea is also plentiful, and I have so many things I like to do right here. Bliss. I’ve organized my Bible reading for now. I’ll do my CBS study, of course, and then I’ll read Matthew a little (Jesus’s words), Habakkuk a little (a prophet) and then one of Paul’s letters (Titus right now). Yesterday I was at Barnes and Noble and they have lovely Bibles. I wanted a new one but I have new ones and I am just fine in the Bible department. I bought C.S. Lewis’s The Abolition of Man because we’re reading it in book club.

Happy day to you. I hope you do something you like to do. There are so many wonderful things we can find to do with our creativity, that creativity that is a sweet gift from the Creator.