Forever Knitting

I forget about Knit Song, but I’m wanting to think and write about my knitting today. I am sorry for the influence I allowed to penetrate my blissful knitting attitude. I watched too many YouTube vlogs and “podcasts” and they did alter my natural lean toward working with wool and needles. I miss the images found on the big knitting social media platform but I don’t miss the opinions. That was exhausting.

Freedom to knit and to knit with pure pleasure feels good.

April’s hands at her knitting are beautiful. She is our daughter-in-law and also my very dearest knitting connection. I’m so thankful for her love of wool and making things. Our oldest granddaughter (age 13) also knits. She made the sweet bag/purse below.

Our other sweet daughter-in-law has been sleeping with this blanket since she was a child. Her Nana made it for her. It didn’t endure the last washing machine ride very well. I’m not lace-knowledgeable enough to fix feather and fan, but I picked up stitches and made a picot edge for the tattered corner. Now she can use it again. I had fun fixing it.

I have a finish! The roll collar looks a bit Star Trek-y, but I like it and I do love the patterning wool (it’s called Poems and it’s from Turkey).

I should have edited the photo (sorry) but now we DO have a full-length mirror (YAY!) that I purchased at Walmart just a few days ago, so my future finishes will be captured in a less distracting manner! LOL!

I’m making progress on my navy and white mitten (#2) and even though I wish I hadn’t used such a fussy pattern, the loveliness of navy and white snowflakes makes for a powerful pair of mittens (even with mistakes). I am through the tough parts and now other than making the waste yarn marker for the thumb, I don’t have any anxiety attached to the project. Just as I don’t feel an inclination to record what I read (I try to do that a little on Goodreads, but it doesn’t come naturally) I do not have a big desire to record what I make.

I’m going to focus on my shelves of knitting books for a while and then I shall say more. Thank you for stopping in! ☺️

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