Forever Knitting

I deleted the original “Forever Knitting” post accidentally (on my iPad, in the morning, when I was sleepy) so for record keeping’s sake, I’ll write it again. Different this time. My favorite knitting store Little Knits (in Seattle) makes my knitting heart sing. Brown Sheep is my favorite wool and has been since the old Skyloom Fibers existed in Denver. Sue, the owner of Little Knits, has a beautiful knitting heart and serves so well. The prices are amazing and her stock is vast! Brown Sheep of Nebraska produces SO MANY different wools. I shall find a gansey or aran pattern to make up the gorgeous yellow above. Lemon Pound Cake is the color. It might not be the best choice for cables because it’s bumpy, but I’m going to try.

The BFL below also came from Little Knits. See? She has it all! This might be a simple top down pullover like the purple sweater I finished recently. As I get older, I get colder. I used to be forever too warm, but now I walk out in the heat and I fully appreciate the heavy warmth of sunshine. I’m thankful for that.

This is the Plotulopi “Rusty” sweater. I haven’t reached the colorwork but I am a little worried about joining sleeves to body. The directions are assumptive (That’s okay, I get it. I’d have a hard time explaining remedial things to someone who’d never tried it if I were a knitting designer). The wool is delicate and rough at the same time. I like making traditional things. I gave some of my “cool cat” knitting books to my young daughter-in-law. For all the time it takes me to complete sweaters, I best stick to the classics.

Alice Starmore’s Aran Knitting AND Book of Fair Isle Knitting are research treasures. Sheila McGregor’s Traditional Scandinavian Knitting is also in my library. Knitting Ganseys by Beth Brown-Reinsel is challenging reading, too. I’m getting back to my book loving path to knitting. It feels right.

Here are some other woolly wonders. My friend Heather used to make these and I think I have purchased the majority of her flowers. Here’s a patch of flowers for YOU!