Winter Wool Work

My penguin/kimono sweater (designed by Stephen West quite some time ago) is an ornament now. It’s a sampler of sorts and I enjoy looking at it because I learned a lot following his directions. I used Brown Sheep wool.
I knit two bluebirds of happiness☺️
I knit a hat for a homeless woman nearby. Last time I spoke to her I saw no sign of it, but that’s okay. I know it’s best not to track gifts.
I put together an Advent box for our daughter in law. Do you like the colors? The mini skeins were surprisingly larger than we thought but she is knitting them into a scarf.
Here’s my Advent scarf. I’m still working on it!
This beauty is still in progress. One sleeve to finish.
I keep forgetting about these shortie socks!
And these thick house socks! I wear wool socks a lot this time of year. January and February make our house cold.
I finished this shawl and gave it to my friend Gretchen. The wool is from Ruby and Roses.

Winter knitting is especially soothing. Thank you to sheep for their lovely wool. I met an older lady at the park when I was a young mother. She was knitting and we talked about it. She said that some days she was a smooth and easy knitter and other days it felt clunkier. She said writing is the same; we’re not the same every day. Do you find this when you knit?

Knitting is a happy and worshipful song for me. Thankful.

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