Winter Wool Work

My penguin/kimono sweater (designed by Stephen West quite some time ago) is an ornament now. It’s a sampler of sorts and I enjoy looking at it because I learned a lot following his directions. I used Brown Sheep wool.
I knit two bluebirds of happiness☺️
I knit a hat for a homeless woman nearby. Last time I spoke to her I saw no sign of it, but that’s okay. I know it’s best not to track gifts.
I put together an Advent box for our daughter in law. Do you like the colors? The mini skeins were surprisingly larger than we thought but she is knitting them into a scarf.
Here’s my Advent scarf. I’m still working on it!
This beauty is still in progress. One sleeve to finish.
I keep forgetting about these shortie socks!
And these thick house socks! I wear wool socks a lot this time of year. January and February make our house cold.
I finished this shawl and gave it to my friend Gretchen. The wool is from Ruby and Roses.

Winter knitting is especially soothing. Thank you to sheep for their lovely wool. I met an older lady at the park when I was a young mother. She was knitting and we talked about it. She said that some days she was a smooth and easy knitter and other days it felt clunkier. She said writing is the same; we’re not the same every day. Do you find this when you knit?

Knitting is a happy and worshipful song for me. Thankful.

Sock Fun

Do you know about this book? My mom sent it to me❤️
I made toe up scrappy socks
It’s cold enough for a scrappy cowl, too!
I still like socks the usual way🤗
My pixie❤️ and a stack of socks.
I wore pajama pants on Thanksgiving 🦃
I made buns for my sister’s birthday 🥳

I finally decided to use my iPad when I write posts for Knit Song. My greatest knitting contentment has been knitting with sock yarn in new ways, in the morning. The Christmas tree and lighted garland above the fireplace are soothing and cozy. My quiet Advent reading and prayers encourage my heart. More homey knitting to come! Thank you for calling in😘.

A Sock and New Wool

A sock finished one and a half years after I started it (Christmas Eve 2017). It languished in a bag and the needles came out a few times thus the bumpy stitches. The wool wasn’t a great choice, but IT FITS really well, so yay!

I did order the watermelon smoothie Lambs Pride wool and it’s very full of girth. It will make a nice little cardi or maybe a pullover. If it is a cardi, I’m going to steek it even though it’s super wash.

I’m off to the grocery store to buy strawberries and lactose free milk (and chocolate milk) for two little grands who are spending the night tonight (cousins not sisters) and two little grandsons who are coming over for dinner, too.

Next knitting finish: A teddy bear! He is all blocked and ready for his parts to be joined, his face to be stitched, his body to be stuffed and THEN his overalls to be knit.

Lots of people to love today. Thank you, good God.

Small Knitting

Instead of casting on another pair of socks I dug around for this WIP. I started out with Little Bobbins Knits Twas the Night Before Christmas pattern (an excellent pattern!) but I didn’t want to make trees on the leg so I created purl rounds instead. I really like the twisted ribbing and the way she wrote the heel and gusset instructions. I’ll use the instructions again. The colors are muddy. They remind me of my elementary school because we were the Vikings (ha ha ha) and our colors were green and gold. Go Vikings!

I’m using my Penguono by Stephen West as a decorative item in the hobbit hole. I have put it on a few times when the AC makes the house cold. I’ll use it for that in the fall when the weather changes.

This cake of brightness was a birthday gift . A Sockhead head, perhaps?

When our daughters and I were in Victoria, BC last September I visited The Beehive Wool Shop. What a lovely yarn store. I found this Fleece Artist wool. It smells like a sheep.

I have shopping and sewing to do for our daughter’s theater company. I am puppy sitting tonight for our son and his wife (they are going camping). I must hurry along, but I’m so excited that I have decided to homeschool myself in history. A friend told me about this homeschool curriculum and there are four volumes. When I read about Gertrude Bell (The Queen of the Desert) I realized that I don’t know enough about the history of the Middle East. I want to learn. I could spend years studying history. I am not sure if I ever took a course in world history in high school or college. It’s time to grow my brain in a new way. Yay!

I hope for a quiet cup of tea for YOU and me.

Yay for knitting!